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Navigating the AllCric App: A User-Friendly Guide

Navigating AllCric App

Do you call yourself a cricket enthusiast? If yes, check out this AllCric app, curated for all cricket lovers. This app allows you to mesmerize in live cricket updates, betting and many more. After the live cricket app download, you will see the most impressive features of this cricket application. In this blog, we will navigate you across various features of this cricket app.

Understanding the app’s Navigation

It’s a super easy live cricket app packed with tips and predictions from cricket experts. You can use this cricket application as a secret weapon for making informed bets.

Regardless of all your match preferences, from international clashes to local tournaments, AllCric has everything for it. You get live cricket scores and stats updates as fast as lightning, keeping you glued to the action. Stay ahead of the game and make smarter choices, whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just a casual fan looking for some cricket fun (and maybe some extra cash! The navigation of this cricket app is so simple and easy to understand. It is designed and curated to reach all the cricket lovers who find the game interesting with its latest features like live matches, Recorded matches, Top 10 tipsters, Cricket world news and news from your favourite cricketers, winning gift hampers, and many more in this cricket application. 

What are the features of the AllCric app?

This cricket application has the most accessible features expanded from A to Z. Each characteristic has specific steps towards your winning goals. Here, we will take you through each specific feature and its functionality. 

Primarily, we have a home screen where you will find –

‘Featured of Matches’ is written on the left side of the top corner – In this tab, you will get updates about all the latest league match updates like runs, wickets and who is playing types information from different corners of the world. 

In the second row, there is a feature of Hot Tipsters where you can opt for any of them to get better tips regarding matches from these experts. 

In the third row, you will get the Unlock feature; here, you can unlock with some coins and go with experts’ predictions, and if, in any case, the prediction turns out true, you will get some awards from this app’s side. 

In the next tab, named AllCric Pick, you will get to read selective cricket news worldwide. 

In the last tab of the page, there is a Rankings feature, where you will explore the different matches ranking in different matches. Basically, it is a calendar of cricket leagues that reminds all the matches and their rankings.

Features of AllCric App

Now in the second tab after Home is Match, you can see all the live Matches and all the upcoming match updates here.  

Match updates

In the third tab, you will see the winner’s announcement, the hampers anyone wins, and the scores of all participating individuals.

Daily winners

In the next tab, you can go on this cricket app for tips from tipsters. Here, you will find the top 10 tipsters from whom you can easily choose and go with his/her prediction after unlocking the asked coins. You can also check out their Purchase count, Current Record and Weekly Rankings.

top 10 tipster

Then comes the next feature which is News. Here, you will explore all the selective news articles. Also, there are three sections named All Stories, where you can review all the news. 

AllCric latest news

In the second section, you will find categories to choose from, like AllCric’s Pick, ICC Tournaments, IPL, World Cup Highlights and many more. In the last feature, you will get the Topics option, where you can choose any desired topic to open. 

And the last tab is More; here, you will get different optional alternatives like My Tipsters, My Teams and My Players. 

Below, you will get trim-written options new to this live-line cricket app. The new features added to this cricket app are

  • Browse Series
  • Invite Friends
  • Daily Check-in
  • Payment History
  • Rate The App
  • Get Support
  • The last is Sign-out
Player information


AllCric cricket application provides comprehensive features that help you to excel in your cricket interest and also help you in winning the hampers. This cricket application offers an excellent opportunity for cricket fans to share their knowledge and earn money by providing tips. Whether you’re an expert analyst or just love the game, you can join as a tipster, share your insights, and make money whenever someone purchases your tip. After the cricket match app download, you can become a successful tipster and enjoy the rewards of sharing your passion for cricket. Download the AllCric  app today and share cricket match tips to make money.