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How to Purchase Tips on AllCric: A Comprehensive Tutorial

How to Purchase Tips on AllCric A Comprehensive Tutorial

Looking to refine your cricket approach with expert insight? Look no further than AllCric! With expert tipster predictions available, it’s important to learn how to get these helpful insights. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring you make informed decisions for your next cricket wager. Whether you’re a seasoned follower or just starting out, download now and elevate your cricket prediction experience with this cricket application. 

AllCric App: An ultimate destination to get expert cricket tips

For cricket fans seeking expert guidance for betting, the AllCric app stands out as the perfect choice. It is easy to use, and it’s packed with helpful cricket tips and predictions. The app has experts who know a lot about cricket and can help you to earn a good amount during betting. 


You can find all kinds of cricket matches on the app, from big international games to local tournaments. It gives you all the information you need to follow the matches closely, with live scores and stats updated in real time.


With this cricket application, you can stay updated on the action and make more informed decisions.  Whether you’re a serious bettor or just enjoy cricket, this app has everything you need to have fun and even win some good money.

What is the method to Purchase Tips on AllCric?

Are you looking to enhance your cricket knowledge with expert cricket predictions? AllCric provides a straightforward method to purchase cricket match tips. Download now and follow these steps to access valuable insights and improve your understanding of the game:

  • First, find and tap on the ‘More’ option. It’s usually under three dots, and it helps you access more features.
expert cricket predictions
  • When you tap on ‘More’, you’ll go to another page where you’ll find a written welcome to AllCric note.
  • On this page, you’ll see a few options. One of the above is ‘My Tipsters’. Look for it and tap on it.
  • Inside ‘My Tipsters’, you’ll find a list of cricket experts who give tips on cricket matches. These people are called tipsters.
My tipsters
  • Choose a tipster from the list that you’re interested in. Tap on their name to see more about them.
  • Now, you’ll see an option called ‘Unlock’. This is how you get access to the tipster’s tips.
Unlock tipster
  • When you tap on ‘Unlock’, the app might ask you to confirm the same prediction score that the expert has predicted. 
prediction overview
  • The next screen will let you choose how many coins you want to buy. These coins are used to pay for the tips.
AllCric Coins
  • Once you’ve decided how many coins you want, the app will ask you to enter your bank details to pay for the coins. This is how you will be able to purchase Tips on AllCric.

How to share your expertise and earn with every tip?

Sharing your expertise and earning with every cricket tip is easy with AllCric. As a knowledgeable cricket enthusiast, you can join the platform as a tipster and showcase your insights to a wide audience of cricket fans and bettors. By providing valuable tips and predictions based on your understanding of the game, you can engage followers who trust your expertise.

Every time a user purchases your tip, you earn a commission, allowing you to monetize your knowledge and passion for cricket. Whether you specialise in analysing player performances, predicting match outcomes, or offering strategic advice, this cricket application provides you with a platform to share your expertise and earn rewards for your contributions. So, download this cricket application and become an expert in the cricket world. 

With features designed to support tipsters, such as analytics tools and a user-friendly interface, this cricket app makes it simple to manage your tips and track your earnings. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or a cricket enthusiast with a knack for predictions, this cricket app empowers you to turn your passion into profit.


AllCric offers a great opportunity for cricket fans to share their knowledge and earn money by providing tips. Whether you’re an expert analyst or just love the game, you can join as a tipster, share your insights, and make money every time someone purchases your tip. It’s a win-win situation where you get to showcase your expertise while helping others make informed decisions. With this user-friendly platform and supportive community, anyone can become a successful tipster and enjoy the rewards of sharing their passion for cricket. Download today and share cricket match tips to start turning your cricket knowledge into earnings!