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AllCric brings Match Tips and Predictions for our users. Cricket matches involve various factors such as team formation, player performance, pitch conditions, weather, and other unpredictable variables that can influence the result. It's always best to watch the match and enjoy its excitement and suspense. But, to focus on every match detail and preview, you have a Tips section in the AllCric App. Why our Match Tips are unique and special?


Well, Many Factors Are Our Main Focus.


We offer in-depth analysis of cricket matches, past performances of teams, and performance analysis of players involved in the match


AllCric has stats gurus who find authentic and accurate stats for teams and players, which will help our readers in deciding the match winner of the team


You will get key players section to choose your favorite players to put your money on


An Expert Opinion on Grounds, Pitches, and Weather Conditions


No one can match the level of expertise of AllCric writers in writing match tips

So, what else do you want in a cricket match tip? AllCric App is available for iOS and Android. Go to your mobile stores and download the app to enjoy all these features.


Real Time Updates

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Instant Cricket Score

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Rapid Cricket News

Fastest cricket news, upcoming tournament news, in-depth editorials — All Cricket APK has got it all.


PastMatch Stats

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Meet Next-Gen Cricket fun with our innovative All Cricket apk, which is designed to be your go-to buddy who will keep you up to date on everything going on in the world of cricket! Install the All Cricket apk and get all the fun and excitement of the Cricket in your hands. All Cricket Apk is loaded with features that make it the most dynamic and versatile cricket app in the world of mobile cricket apps. For instance:

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In-depth coverage of All Cricket tournaments.


User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface for easy navigation.


Why will you choose our app?

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AllCric which is a leading cricket live line app for 2023 allows you to access entire seasons of cricket from the IPL, PSL, T20s, ODIs and more

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  • SK

    Sanjay Kumar

    I recently started using the cricket news app for my cricket news and score updates and I have to say that it has been a great experience. The app is well designed and easy to use. It provides real time updates on all the cricket matches happening around the world. All the scores and news are presented in a clean and organized way which makes it very user friendly. Overall, this is a great app for any cricket fan and I highly recommend it.

  • CC

    Crawford Clute

    The player and team comparisons on this app are really interesting! They provide a great way to compare different players and teams.

  • AD


    Excellent app and simple design. Easy to Use and Amazing User Experience. Informative and Detailed cricket news Updates in News Section. Timely Score and schedule Updates of all the major cricket matches and tournaments happening around the world.

  • SC

    Soto Cirillo

    The personalized recommendations on this app are really helpful! They ensure that I never miss a cricket-related event or story.

  • MA

    Muhammad Umair Aslam

    One of the best app for cricket. I loved their style of news and their match tips analysis is the best I have ever seen. Highly recommend

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