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How to Get IPL T20 Match Live Scores

How to Get IPL T20 Match Live Scores

Are you a cricket fan waiting for IPL matches? Do you need information on the live scores of matches? AllCric is the perfect app for cricket fans that will provide real-time updates of IPL T20 matches. You will get ball-by-ball updates, match notifications, and expert predictions from any place. You will explore how to get live score updates of IPL T20 matches in this blog.

How to Get Live Score Updates on the AllCric App?

AllCric app is a popular app that helps to keep every cricket fan updated on the IPL matches. You will get the latest scores, news, and match highlights and enjoy every moment of cricket on the app. There is a simple guide to help you get live score updates for IPL T20 matches on the app.

Step 1: Install the App

You can easily install the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2: Open the App

You will find an attractive screen when you open the app. This app gives live cricket scores, breaking news, players’ performances, and match statistics.

Step 3: Click on the Live Scores Section

You can click on the Live Scores section to see real-time scores. You will also see a list of the IPL T20 cricket matches.

Step 4: Select the IPL T20 Match

You can select the IPL T20 match from the list of live matches. This app will show the live scorecard of the IPL teams.

Step 5: Enjoy Live Score Updates

The app provides live score updates of the IPL T20 match so that you never miss a moment of the game. You can enjoy the fun of cricket from any location and at any time.

Features of AllCric App

This app is the perfect app that shows the live scores of cricket matches to its fans. You will find various features of this app like:

  1. Real-Time Updates: You can enjoy IPL T20 matches at any time if you are a cricket fan. This app provides IPL match live score updates with match analysis and ball-by-ball commentary.
  2. Ball-by-Ball Cricket Scores: You will receive detailed ball-by-ball commentary so that you have complete information about the match. You can never miss the live updates after downloading the free IPL APK app.
  3. Expert Cricket Tips: You will receive a deep analysis of IPL cricket matches and also get accurate predictions and tips on players’ performances from popular experts. Cricket fans can easily analyze and learn tips given by experts while enjoying the fastest live cricket scores.
  4. Match Notifications: You will receive notifications of upcoming matches and breaking news of your favorite teams and players.
  5. Live Cricket Scorecard: This app shows live cricket scorecards of IPL matches as well as the analysis of all players during their live performances.
  6. IPL Highlights: This app helps you to remain connected with the IPL matches by providing the highlights of all matches.


AllCric is a popular fastest cricket score update app that plays an important role behind every live cricket score. The app brings you the latest updates from the world of IPL T20 cricket so that every cricket fan can enjoy the match. You remain updated on the latest scores, news, and highlights no matter whether you are a die-hard or a casual cricket fan. You can download the free IPL live match APK app now and remain updated on all important IPL T20 matches. Take your cricket experience to the next level after downloading this app.