7 Crucial Fundamental Skills of Cricket

Mastering the fundamental skills of cricket is essential for any aspiring cricketer.

By AllCric


Batting is crucial, aiming to score by hitting and running. A good batsman needs a strong grip, a keen eye, and swift footwork for success.


A solid stance is key for balance and quick movement. Feet apart, weight balanced, front foot towards bowler, back foot aligned.


Quick footwork is vital for positioning to hit. Light feet help adjust to bowler's deliveries for better shots.

Shot Selection

Choosing the right shot is essential. Defensive, attacking, and backfoot shots need mastering for varied game situations.


Bowling aims to challenge batsmen. Grip, run-up, delivery stride, and release are key aspects for bowler's success.


Bowler's approach to delivery. Smooth, balanced run-ups vary; momentum with longer, accuracy with shorter.

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